Here Is The Breakdown On Your Roofing choices!

roofingOlder folks should be conscious of the Arizona heat situation. Air conditioning is critical for at least six or seven months a year in Phoenix. In the summer of 2017, several records were broken when the temp reached the high three figure mark. Phoenix Roofing has been in the area for a long time and his workers and owners are fully aware that, on occasion, Mr. Sunshine is not your best friend; ergo, having a proper roof is very important.

* Tile Roofing: Phoenix Roofing suggests and offers homeowners a product that is extremely durable and quite affordable. Tile roofing only comes in several different types, but many homeowners love the tile look for their home.
* Foam Roofing: This roofing insulation is created from polyurethane foam and applied as a liquid to your roof. Once it dries, it creates a single sheath that covers the entire roof.
* Shingle Roofing: This is one of the most popular roof covering and usually recommended by contractors. It’s also popular because shingle roofing comes in many different designs and patterns.

Overall, a homeowner has these roofing choices:
1 – Clay Roof Tiles that are durable and strong.
2 – Spanish Style Tiles.
3 – Metal Roofing that are durable but heavy.
4 – Asphalt Roofing – affordable and long lasting.
Whatever your choice, Phoenix Roofing reminds you to include gutters for any roof you choose and keep them clean from debris that will surely fill them up in a wind or dust storm that Arizona is known for.

Special Note:
roofrepairsWell, we’re not done yet folks, but the end is getting close. When you toss in all the requirements of new home maintenance in Phoenix like smoke alarms, keeping gutters clean, painting, plumbing, toilets that won,t flush, shower valves that are broke, keeping the pool and outside deck clean and so on, you might find that all the little things add up; especially when labor costs are involved. Of course, these comments on new home maintenance are basically replacement costs. However, each year you live in your home, you will have maintenance costs on a continuing basis. If you are an older person new home maintenance can be farmed-out to family members who, in most cases, are happy to help. If you are a healthy, young person who would enjoy handling a lot of the home maintenance like cleaning the pool and other small tasks, you can shave the cost to a bare minimum. Yes, it can be intimidating to some people. but the good news is that even though new home maintenance is a long list, a majority of all this stuff can be done on your own without much experience or a college education.