New Home Maintenance

Just bought a new home in Phoenix, huh! Well, in case you missed the memo, the metro Phoenix area is in the top 10 in terms of population in America, so it’s a good investment. On the other hand, if you moved to the area from states like Montana or Wisconsin you best be aware that they don’t call Phoenix “The Valley of the Sun” for nothing; it can get hot enough to fry an egg on Camelback Road in the summer months.

home maintenance

Anyway, when you first purchased the home, like most other homebuyers, you thought the only expense would be the mortgage. Haha – you wish! Your mortgage is just the beginning. And as a new owner you’ll be paying an absurd amount of those green pieces of paper with the picture of dead presidents on the front for things like:

* Maintenance and repairs.
* Trash service.
* Water and sewer bills.
* Roof and gutter cleaning.
* Termite inspection and treatments.
* Pest control (and there will be plenty of that in your desert landscaping not to mention some of those pesky bugs with the funny looking tail that curves up; think Scorpion.
* Replacing the sidings and windows (you’ll need dual or triple pane in Arizona).
* Phoenix roofing  repair and gutter cleaning.
* Appliances and HVAC tune-ups and the list goes on and on and on.

fixing plugAlso, as a new homeowner to Phoenix you will be the chosen one to pay homeowners insurance, water bills, swimming pool maintenance and taking the trash out to the curb. That said, here is a rule-of-thumb to follow concerning repairs and maintenance. It will cost one percent of the purchase price of your new home per year. Here is a little math to make things more clear. For every $100,000 worth of house, you be spending $1,000 per year just on maintenance. Now that you have chosen to make Phoenix, Arizona your home two of the first things you will need to concern yourself with is proper windows, proper roofing and a proper HVAC system along with some ceiling fans for each room. Here is the cost on these items:

* Basic vinyl windows will cost around $250 bucks each and should be replaced every 20 years.
* If your new home has an asphalt-shingle roof in place, you should give strong consideration to making a change. You have three choices in roofing: Tile, Foam and Shingles. If you did any driving around the Phoenix area before buying a new home, you probably noticed that most all the newer homes have tile roofs and a landscaping that is loaded with a desert influence like cactus and plants that don’t require much water.